Coop Danmark, AAU CPH


September 2019 - December 2019


Service Design

How do we get people to do their groceries online? Coop Danmark asked us to get under their customers' skin and find out what they value while grocery shopping. After conducting some interviews, we mapped the journey of online and offline grocery shopping. We saw the needs and desires of customers misalign with the service offering from Coop Danmark: online grocery shopping requires long-term planning, and especially young people value being spontaneous.

Single Project

Hence, we re-designed Coop’s online grocery service to suit the customer’s desires. We made their delivery more flexible: customers could either shop online and pick up their groceries at sthe local supermarket or have them delivered by bike. Larger orders could still be scheduled and brought by van.

Single Project

By doing this project, I learnt about the complexity of what seems a simple delivery service. We role-played the service to get insights on what is required in the back-office of a bicycle delivery service. While creating the blueprint afterwards, we realised how challenging logistics can be. After this project, I feel the need to look at services holistically rather than the user's experience only.