service & experience designer

I am interested in how people experience the world. What lenses do they look through? What moves them today, but more importantly: what drives them tomorrow? Making experiences more rewarding is what excites me as a designer. You can put me anywhere in a design team since my strength is to dive into any topic. However, I am at my best when I focus on the everyday, away from the extraordinary, the unique, or the exotic.


+ Workshop Facilitation
+ Customer Journey Mapping
+ Service Blueprinting

+ Pitching
+ Physical and Digital Prototyping
+ Qualitative Research

+ Adobe Creative Suite
+ Photography/Videography




We live in a world where we constantly interact with everybody, regardless of time and location. More importantly, 21st-century societal problems such as climate change and chronic diseases are too complex to be designed for between four walls. I believe everybody should be an active shaper of society. As a designer, I am capable of sparking creativity in people and guiding the creative process.

service design

As a service designer, I am determined to create a rewarding experience throughout touchpoints. It is important to me how each touch point contributes to your journey, when you would like to use it and how. Many service design tools I have become familiar with help me to design the journey people desire. By paying attention to the process design as well, I can look at services holistically.

Communication Design

In many design processes, discussions can become complex and words may fall short. Visualisations have proven themselves to create shared understandings across disciplines. I use visual communication in meetings, where I make quick drawings to map thoughts. Besides, I am experienced in turning complex information into understandable infographics.