KPMG Denmark


February 2022 - April 2022


Futures Thinking

My Responsibilities

Trend Research
Workshop Design
Future Scenario Development
Project Delivery

One of KPMG’s clients sought a partner to discover the capabilities and technologies needed by 2035. The client was a public entity focusing on everyday churn mostly, and they needed to be equipped to respond to the changing city. We harnessed insights from the future world and used them in workshops with their employees to determine the capabilities and technologies needed by 2035.

Single Project

Signals of change examples (above) and brainstorming future talent requirements (below)

Single Project

We gathered 180+ signals of change in their industry and the broader social, economic, technical, and political domains. Based on these signals, we formulated trends, and we facilitated workshops to discover how trends could affect their business. The employees brainstormed how to respond to changes, and what technologies and capabilities they would need. We delivered 5 future scenarios describing contexts in 2035 and how the client responds.

Single Project

My role in this project was to develop KPMG’s futures thinking methodology, participate in stakeholder interviews, design the workshops, and transform the results into a tangible deliverable.