December 2019 - February 2021


Visual Design
Futures Thinking

My Responsibilities

Engagement Responsible
Future Scenario Development
Visual Design

KIRT x THOMSEN is a visual design consultancy making an effort to smoothen the transition to green energy. Through visualisation of concepts, KIRT x THOMSEN provides their clients with a tool to communicate their complex innovations. For a little more than a year, I have worked as a consultant at KIRT x THOMSEN. I have created concept videos, posters, infographics, and company presentations for cleantech companies. I also facilitated workshops to deepen and clarify concepts by designing exercises suiting the complex matter.

Single Project

Alongside the consultancy work, I contributed to workshops where engineers (and other audiences) had to think about the future. Together with my colleagues, I have designed workshops to think about the future of space and energy. I created speculative scenarios to provoke thoughts and initiate discussions about what the future could hold.

Single Project

The pictures above show the MOSS project, which is about molten salt in future energy systems. This beautiful project in collaboration with Seaborg Technologies has been shortlisted in the category "visionary concepts" for the Danish Design Awards 2021.