September 2017 - December 2017


Speculative Design

My Responsibilities

Trend Research
Concept Development
3D Design

Blue Sky is a Sydney-based customer experience design company operating within an international environment. My desire lay in exploring other parts of the world next to learning more about experience design and service design. Therefore, Blue Sky was the perfect match for my learning goals. During the internship, I was assigned to run my own project next to the project Blue Sky was doing for grab & go supermarket The Foodary. I have been developing a future concept for The Foodary. As a result of brainstorming, trend- and field research, an augmented reality ordering system was designed. Parallel to this project, I have spent time learning 3D-modelling software Rhino, which I am now able to use professionally.

Single Project

The augmented reality salad bar was meant to get people closer to the food’s origin. A representation of the farm where the ingredients are growing should show customers what is available in the season and what is scarce. They can select the ingredients for their salad by touching vitrine, after which they can pick it up at the cash register.