Industrial Design at TU/e


January 2018 - July 2018


Futures Thinking

My Responsibilities


Have you ever wondered why search engines feel the need to throw 120 million hits at you if you search for information about elephants? Especially with today's advanced algorithms, which personalise results for you, it is unnecessary to give people the stress of choosing between all these hits. My graduation project was about enabling people to have comfortable experiences while finding in-depth information. Since we mainly retrieve information online, search engines were my scope. I dove into machine learning and conversational user interfaces, resulting in Johnny.

Single Project

Johnny is designed as a buddy to help you find what you would like to know. Tell him what you want information about and how much time you have, then Johnny will find just enough information to fill the time. He is here to offer comfort and be your personal librarian. Johnny is designed with some human characteristics, and there is a reason for this. Have you ever wondered whether you would feel comfortable talking to a speaker like Alexa? I have given AI character with Johnny, which invites you to conversate and feel comfortable doing so.

Single Project

I even got the chance to talk about Johnny at a TEDx event and a PechaKucha in Eindhoven.