service & experience designer

I have a strong focus on human-centered design and a never-ending curiosity for what drives people. My strength is co-creation: facilitating workshops and innovation processes to conceptualize and design new services. Blending creative thinking with practical implementation allows me to grow businesses by positively impacting people's lives. You can put me on any team since my strength is to dive into any topic. However, I am at my best in shaping better futures in complex environments.


+ Workshop Facilitation
+ Customer Journey Mapping
+ Service Blueprinting
+ User Experience Design

+ Pitching
+ Writing Project Proposals
+ Project Management
+ Stakeholder Management

+ Adobe Creative Suite
+ Photography/Videography
+ Figma
+ Miro



facilitating innovation processes

21st-century societal problems such as climate change and chronic diseases are too complex to be designed for between four walls. I believe everybody could be an active shaper of society, and we benefit from working across disciplines. My role as a designer is to spark creativity and guide innovation processes.

designing coherent experiences

Creating rewarding experiences throughout touchpoints drives me. I enjoy analyzing touchpoints and then re-designing them to fit seamlessly. Diving into organizations to change workflows has been part of my work as well because coherent experiences often arise from smooth operations.

Communicating complexity

In many design processes, discussions become complex and words may fall short. I turn complex information into understandable infographics to make discussions tangible. Besides, using quick drawings to map thoughts during meetings helps me to collaborate with colleagues and clients.